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Engineering der Zukunft


The application possibilities for dAIve are manifold. What they have in common is that they are data-driven issues that are solved with the help of AI. Some use cases of our customers can be found below.

Studio für Automobildesign


There are many data-driven tasks in product development. Product design as well as functionalities play a major role here. A frequent topic for our customers is temperature management. AI provides excellent opportunities for dealing with temperature requirements and implementing intelligent cooling systems.


The properties of the individual components play a major role in material development, as does the behavior of the ingredients among themselves. Materials research is thus a predestined application area for AI, since physical experiments and simulations are extremely time-consuming and costly.

3D-Drucker für die Fertigung


Process optimization plays a particularly important role in manufacturing. In some areas, it is hardly possible to optimize efficiently without AI. Thanks to AI, a mathematically ill-posed problem can be transformed into a mathematically well-posed problem. Even "black-box-components" can be taken into account in a system optimization.

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