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dAIve engineering

Easy no code AI software for engineers

dAIve engineering is a no-code Machine Learning tool for instant predictions and data insights.

By using existing data like test data, simulation data, results of physical experiments or other historic data, you'll be able to train your tailored model within minutes to be able to do instant predictions. 

The analysing capabilities of dAIve will help you to learn more about your data, identify data gaps and identify relations between different parameters of your data set.

More info

dAIve is a user-oriented tool that provides you with AI support for your individual projects

  • You are an egineer, developing ideas, creating solutions using computer aided engineering solutions?

  • Traditional computer aided engineering solutions work well, but are cost and time extensive?

  • A booster for your computer aided engineering solutions is what you are looking for?

  • You're not a Data Scientist or an AI developer, but still you are open to the technology?

Then dAIve is the tool that does just that. Harnessing AI for you to create efficient solutions.

Get ready to dAIve

The starting point is your data from computer aided engineering (e.g. CFD or FEM) which dAIve needs for the training of the AI.

Data Science Acceleration

Follow the guided process and with just a few clicks and settings dAIve is ready to help you with analysis and fast predictions.

Targeted data generation

Your data stock is not yet sufficient?

dAIve identifies the data gaps and helps you to close them in a targeted manner.

High efficiency powered by AI

Within minutes you get results you would invest hours and days to simulate or analyze.

Integrate AI into your daily business

You know the answer is in the data? You know AI can help you find the answers faster and more efficiently, but you are not a Data Scientist and don't want to deal with AI in depth?

Then the user-oriented tool dAIve helps you to integrate AI into your projects with an intuitive user interface.

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Get started

You are always connected to the surface, no matter how deep you dive. You always keep track to your AI projects.

Intuitive User Experience

We guide you step by step through the workflow and help you to illuminate the depth of the data.

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AI-based solutions

After the successful training you can also work with your individual model in the long term.

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